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EHR Integration!

CompMed has partnered with gEHRiMed EHR creating a single solution for your practice.

Introducing gEHRiMed EHR

The First Stage 2 Certified EHR solution that addresses the unique needs of Physicians and Extenders working in the LTPAC setting.

High Performance

Allowing providers to capture encounters in a number of different ways including dictation, structured transcription and direct type.

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrated with CompMed's billing system. Giving providers and practices one solution for all their billing needs.

Mobile Solution

24/7 access for physicians who are constanly on the move. Access gEHRiMed EHR anytime, anywhere with no limitations.


Streamlining the workflow of creating electronic health records by gathering information in the order that is most natural to providers in the LTC setting

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EHR adoption is no small matter, especially for a busy practice. gEHRiMed's focus is on making adoption easy, quick and extremely affordable. Request A Demo Today.

EHR Designed For Geriatrics

Work The Way You Want

Benefits To Providers In LTPAC

LTC physicians are directly responsible for the Medical care of their LTC Facility patients, but they can only indirectly control the LTC facility. They’re often more like guests of the facility. Some facilities are technologically advanced; most are still using paper charts. We understand the difficulty providers face when trying to incorporate new software into this inconsistent clinical setting.

gEHRiMed is designed with those hurdles in mind:

  • We offer a solution that addresses the unique needs of Physicians and Extenders working in the PA/LTC setting.
  • We offer multiple integrations with facilities and larger health systems based on the specific location.

Allow gEHRiMed To Demystify The Incentives Process.

If you or your providers have access to a portable, certified EHR technology that is certified to ONC Stage 2 Standards, he/she may be eligible for an incentive payment of $21,250 per provider under the Medicaid program.

Luckily, gEHRiMed can help you with both:

  • Is gEHRiMed a portable, certified EHR? – YES
  • Can gEHRiMed help my practice demonstrate Stage 2 Meaningful Use? – YES

gEHRiMed Covers It All.

Regulations and Guidelines Affecting LTPAC Providers

  • American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)
  • Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • Value-Based Purchasing
  • ePrescribing in the LTC Setting

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